BEFORE Hiring Expensive Investment Bankers, Greedy Business Brokers and Useless Lawyers


My 4 STEP SECRET FORMULA that I use to DOUBLE a business's valuation. 

The HOW behind
knowing WHEN to exit
your business. The
timing is CRUCIAL.

The templates and tools I use to collaborate with competitors and get employees ecstatic again. 

What's Included In EXIT PLAN SECRETS

When you join Exit Plan Secrets you'll get access to all of this:

My Operations Template
Franchising Form 
And Competitor Collaboration Templates
(Valued at $2,087)

My Secret Operational Incentive to Improve Employee Moral and Have Your Employees Ecstatic about Selling 
(Valued at $987)

4 Step Method to DOUBLE your business's valuation (What business brokers charge 15k for).
(Valued at $4,022)

Private Video Trainings From Raleigh G. Williams
(Valued at $497)

24/7 Support From People JUST LIKE YOU
(Valued at $199)

If you're willing ot work, YOUR SEVEN-FIGURE EXIT

Over $7792.00
Normally: $197.00


ONLY $47


"After having Raleigh help me in my business, I realized that I didn't actually WANT to sell it, I just needed to EXIT certain parts of my business which made it more sellable and I'm happier than I've been in years!"
R. Willton

"The GOAT method helped me know WHEN to hire a broker to sell my brick and mortar business, I'll never run another business without applying the principles I learned to maximize my exit"
Christine A.

"I Exited My Business for DOUBLE the Appraised Value!"
-B. Larson.

Meet Your Instructor:


Mr. Williams is the Founder and Managing Partner of Gagestar Capital, Williams Entertainment Group, and various other 7 and 8 figure businesses and has performed MULTIPLE 7 FIGURE EXITS. Through these exits, Raleigh has formulated the MOST EFFECTIVE AND PROFITABLE EXIT STRATEGY Available To The Public. After months of perfecting these strategys with his personal clients, he is finally ready to share it with YOU...

Mr. Williams and his team have been intricately involved in all aspects of business including Equity and Debt sourcing, lending, consultation, principal project development. Mr. Williams also led his companies to a number of large acquisitions, exits, and investments outside of the real estate sector, including successful companies in industries such as consumer products, e-commerce, and entertainment.

Prior to his involvement full time in entrepreneurship, real estate and private equity/business investment, Raleigh was a corporate lawyer in New York City and Dallas. Raleigh attended Brigham Young University for his undergraduate degree and The University of Chicago for his law degree.


4 Step Method to DOUBLE your business's valuation ($4022)

My Operations Template, Franchising Forms, And Competitor Collaboration Templates to Supercharge Growth  ($2087)

Private Video Trainings ($497)

24/7 Support From People JUST LIKE YOU ($157)

If You're Willing To Put In The Work....YOUR SEVEN-FIGURE EXIT (PRICELE$$)

TOTAL VALUE: Over $7792.00
NORMALLY: $197.00


ONLY $47

Is this for you?

I've been where you are. I was running my business and making a great income but I could tell I was starting to get tired. 

When my employees called I would let the phone ring a couple times before picking it up. I could feel that the grind was taking a toll. 

So I started thinking maybe someone would give me a bunch of cash to go on to my next passion project. Business brokers wanted THOUSANDS upfront before looking at anything, Investment bankers said I was too small and no one else around me had ever SOLD a business before. The one broker that WOULD look at my business told me he thought he could get $600,000 for it. 

I told him I'd get double (I got a bit more than double). 

I was determined to learn what I needed to learn and do what I needed to do to get the MOST MONEY POSSIBLE when it came time to sell. And I was willing to put in the work to improve my business to improve my exit. 

The mini-vault answers the question of HOW to do it, and WHAT to focus on that will ADD EXIT VALUE.

This course is not for you if:

You are already completely burned out in your business and can't fathom doing one more ounce of work to improve your exit. 

You have distress in your business that you aren't willing to fix.

You will not sacrifice short term profit for a bigger exit down the road.

For everyone else, those willing to put in the work for the pot of gold at the end of an exit,

Let's go.
TOTAL VALUE: $7792.00
 Access To Our Private Communication Group (Valued At $197)
 4 Step Method to DOUBLE your buisness's valuation  (Valued At $4022)
  My Operations Template, Franchising Forms, And Competitor Collaboration Templates to Supercharge Growth(Valued At $2087)
 Private Video Trainings (Valued At $5097)
 If You're Willing To Put In The Work....YOUR SEVEN-FIGURE EXIT  (PRICELESS)
Total Value: $7760.00
Total Value: $197.00

Your Price: $47




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ONE TIME OFFER: Join the full mastermind with lifetime access for 50% off. The full mastermind goes over assessing brokers, listing the business yourself and saving thousands if you'd like, dealing with landlords, lenders and when to know whether you should HOLD your business and not sell. The full mastermind is $2,000. Lifetime access and a seperate community support group for people that are SERIOUS about EXITING on top for a one time $997.

15 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Raleigh is dedicated to making this experience productive, exciting, challenging, and rewarding for you! If you are unsatisfied you will be refunded your money back with a small convienience fee for Raleighs time. 

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